Sunday, September 27, 2015

Clash of Clans

Hey Everybody! Yes I know this is a minecraft blog but i decided to put a coc article just the same, here it goes:CoC is a game made by Supercell is a largely played game were you buld your base and customize your army.However it is not dinky Castle clash or Clash of lords,no it is a near mmo game with clans and unlike castle clash you get attacked almost every day,Yay!!(in castle clash you get attacked like,once a month or something like that)BORING!!in coc i am a whopping town hall 200 342 432 243!!Just kidding,though i am at town hall 9 as of 2:23pm 9/27/2015.And like always CLASH ON!!!!Or in the case of minecraft MINE ON!!!!

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