Sunday, September 27, 2015

About Me

Hello again! I thougt i would do an all about me.
For one thing I LOVE video games of all sorts from the mmo War Thunder to the singleplayer Zelda the Skyward sword,I play them all. I live in Chapel Hill,NC. I am nine years of age and I have read everything from Junie B Jones to harry potter #7 The deathly hallows. I have noted most about me but i'll say my best friend is Greame woo. And as always MINE ON!!!!

Minecraft beginnings

Hello again! Today I will be telling you all about minecraft!! 

Minecraft is a sandbox/action/everything in the world game. Minecraft is about exploring new places, mining for minerals and building up your resources. But minecraft is not all peace. Monsters come out in the night and they want to eat you!!(Believe me I learned this the hard way). So you have to get armor and build a mighty kingdom!!(BTW That is just a suggestion, but I suggest doing it)! 

I will provide the basics for a new player.

  • Step 1: Look for trees. If you see none run in one direction until you do. If you do see one, run towards it and punch with the left click mouse button until you have 16 blocks of wood. 
  • Step 2: Put 14 blocks of wood  in your crafting grid by pressing E and dragging the wood to the crafting grid click 14 times on the wooden planks and drag those and the other wood to your inventory slot. 
  • Step 3: Drag wood planks and make a square in your crafting grid and take the occurring crafting table. 
You can figure out what to do from there or visit this link to the minecraft wiki for more help: This is the minecraft wiki link 

Clash of Clans

Hey Everybody! Yes I know this is a minecraft blog but i decided to put a coc article just the same, here it goes:CoC is a game made by Supercell is a largely played game were you buld your base and customize your army.However it is not dinky Castle clash or Clash of lords,no it is a near mmo game with clans and unlike castle clash you get attacked almost every day,Yay!!(in castle clash you get attacked like,once a month or something like that)BORING!!in coc i am a whopping town hall 200 342 432 243!!Just kidding,though i am at town hall 9 as of 2:23pm 9/27/2015.And like always CLASH ON!!!!Or in the case of minecraft MINE ON!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This Is my Skin, Lightning herobrine

My first creative mode

My first creative mode in Minecraft was surpising to me. I had never done a creative before i was going to chop a tree because i was used to survival mode.when i went to chop it i was suprised because it went Pop and got destroyed instantly then i realized,..wait a second... i opened my inventory and was taken aback by the amount of materials.since then i love building in creative mode with my friends and family

My first day in Minecraft

My First night in Minecraft was hard as I was only six at the time. It did not have alot of the stuff you see in Minecraft now.I started a world in version 1.2.5 in survival mode. It was a beautiful landscape but i knew nothing except the basics,collecting wood,getting tools,and building a home.Hence i knew nothing of the monsters and on my second day a creeper snuck up on me and blew up.Lukily i was only a few blocks from my so called "inventory"and was able to recover my items i did not turn monsters on for that world ever.sadly i had to reformat my computer and lost my progress a few months later

By the way this is a creeper for newcomers. Do not get close to one or you will get a red screen and a big boom

Sunday, November 18, 2012

D & D

D & D stands for Dungeons and Dragons. It is an extremely cool role playing game.

D&D characters can be all kinds of cool stuff like a wizard or a fighter. You also have to pick their abilities like strength or dexterity. And you have to get your starting money, and you use that money to get the armor or weapons you will need to fight monsters.

 Here is the character sheet my papa made for me. It is the best one I've ever had!

  1. D & D Character Sheet Front 
  2. D& D Character Sheet Back